Crossing Borders A Glimpse of the Unknown

It all started when I was twelve to fourteen years of age. I noticed things would appear, or I thought some smell would trigger my imagination. At the time, I didn’t know much about what was happening. It wasn’t until way later when I started to talk to people about what I had experienced. Some would tell me that it was creepy, and some would say that I had a gift. I had no idea what to think. There was a time when I didn’t tell anybody about what had happened because I didn’t want to be judged or feel that I was different.

After talking to friends and relatives, I was convinced to start writing some of the things I had experienced. I am middle-aged now, and every once in awhile, I still experience something I can’t explain.

I never know what or when some strange occurrence will happen. For some reason, now as an adult, when I experience something, it doesn’t scare me. I start to wonder how or if I can explain what had happened. Let’s say I will let you try to explain or figure out what happened and try to make sense of the occurrence.

I hope you enjoy these short real stories that you are about to read. Remember to have an open mind. Many things lurk in the night and during the day, indark places. Somebody somewhere experiences things that can’t be explained. Some people never have their stories told or have no one to listen to them without judgment until it happens. Then they hope someone hears and believes.